Fun Holiday Road Trip Games to Play with Your Family

Families all across the United States pack up their cars and head on long road trips during the holidays. The excitement of the destination and the people with whom you will be visiting can, however, be diminished by the long drive. Keep things lively with these fun holiday road trip games.

holiday road trip games

  • 20 Questions: One person secretly selects something (anything!) to think of, such as an airplane, an elephant, Sesame Street, or the color green. The others in the car collectively have 20 yes or no questions to determine what that person is thinking of.
  • Tunnels: Driving through a lot of tunnels? Young kids will have fun trying to hold their breath through until the car emerges on the other side.
  • Alphabet Game: Youngsters who have mastered reading will enjoy this game. Be on the lookout for road signs, billboards, and more as you try to spot first a word that starts with the letter A, then B, then C, and so on. Can the family get to the letter Z before reaching their destination?
  • Bingo: If you’ve got a few kids in the back, bring along some bingo cards, but make them road trip-related. Instead of calling out B4, have children search for a dog in a car, a Canadian license plate, or an orange traffic cone to mark off their cards.

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Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips for Kids

treat-or-treat safety tips

Trick-or-treat is spooky fun for everyone, but follow these trick-or-treat safety tips from our staff here at Bob Sight Kia to make sure everybody gets home okay.

Plan a route

Before you and your little ones head out for a night of collecting candy in costume, look at a map of your neighborhood or the neighborhood you’re going to and plan out where to go ahead of time.

Stay on well-lit streets and have a flashlight

If houses are dark, that typically means they’re not giving out candy, so ideally you shouldn’t be going down dark streets anyway – but just as a precaution, try to stay where there are plenty of street lights and other people, and bring a flashlight.

Avoid hazardous costumes

Long robes and skirts, uncomfortable shoes, masks that decrease visibility, and dark colors that make it hard for others to see you can all pose a hazard while you’re out trick-or-treating.

Be careful of cars

Drivers are still on the road during trick-or-treat, so make sure your little ones follow all traffic laws about crossing the street and looking both ways before they do so.

Check your child’s candy

When you and your kids get home from trick-or-treating, make a point to go through their basket or bag and check for anything without a wrapper or that has been ripped or punctured.

Follow trick-or-treat safety tips to ensure you and your family gets tons of treats without any tricks.

Things to Do in Kansas City, Missouri

So you’ve just bought a Certified Pre-Owned Kia vehicle from Bob Sight Kia—or you’re planning to soon—and you want to know what to do with all the extra money you’re saving by not buying a brand new car. Now that you’ve got some extra cash to spare, here are some awesome things to do in the Kansas City area that will make your wallet and your heart a little lighter.

What better way to spend your money than on food? Kansas City offers a range of food tours exploring the city’s culinary world, going from neighborhood to neighborhood to experience its many unique eats. Plus, you get a tour of the city and its culture as well!

Before you go to dinner, though, spend a few hours at the incredible SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium, which is home to more than 5,000 sea creatures and includes an Interactive Touch Pool experience. This is a great place to take your kids, and so is the Kansas City Zoo, where you can see over 1,300 species of animals.

For a more refined evening, take yourself out to the Starlight Theater, one of only three self-producing outdoor theaters left in the entire US. They put on plays and musicals as well as host concerts. There’s always something to do in Kansas City—check out this list for even more fun things to do!

Common Dashboard Warning Lights: What They Mean and What to Do

dashboard warning lightsThese days, your vehicle knows what’s up before even you do. Thankfully, dashboard technology offers us warning lights, letting us know that there is a problem. However, these signals can sometimes be confusing.

Here are a few of the most common dashboard warning lights. Be sure to respond to each one in a timely manner.

  • Oil change reminder – This convenient light lets you know when it’s time to change your oil; how convenient!
  • Check battery – Something may be up with your battery, so you should investigate as soon as possible.
  • Windshield wiper fluid – Your windshield wiper fluid is low; it’s time to get more before you run out.
  • Tire pressure – One or more of your tires’ pressure could be dangerously low.
  • Service soon – Sometimes, if your car has a problem that doesn’t have its own unique warning light, you’ll see this miscellaneous indicator.

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How to Finance a Car

financeLooking at and test driving cars is the fun part of buying a new vehicle. The hard, troublesome part is when it comes to paying for your dream car. The process isn’t nearly as complicated as it may seem at first glance. Here’s how to finance a car—short, sweet, and to the point.

Before you fill out any applications, you’ll need to harvest some information. Your employer, social security number, income, and expenses are vital to filling out the application forms. You don’t need to know your credit score. Creditors will run their own credit check before making a loan offer.

At a dealership, the finance department is likely to have you fill out a few forms then submit them all on your behalf. If you’re filling out applications on your own, you’ll have many more forms and more stops to make before you receive any loan offers.

Once the applications have been submitted, lenders will look it over and run a credit check. A credit score above 720 will net you the lowest interest rates. The loan offers will roll in, usually on the same day, and it’s up to you to look them over and accept the loan length and interest rate that fit your financial situation.

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