Fun Holiday Road Trip Games to Play with Your Family

Families all across the United States pack up their cars and head on long road trips during the holidays. The excitement of the destination and the people with whom you will be visiting can, however, be diminished by the long drive. Keep things lively with these fun holiday road trip games.

holiday road trip games

  • 20 Questions: One person secretly selects something (anything!) to think of, such as an airplane, an elephant, Sesame Street, or the color green. The others in the car collectively have 20 yes or no questions to determine what that person is thinking of.
  • Tunnels: Driving through a lot of tunnels? Young kids will have fun trying to hold their breath through until the car emerges on the other side.
  • Alphabet Game: Youngsters who have mastered reading will enjoy this game. Be on the lookout for road signs, billboards, and more as you try to spot first a word that starts with the letter A, then B, then C, and so on. Can the family get to the letter Z before reaching their destination?
  • Bingo: If you’ve got a few kids in the back, bring along some bingo cards, but make them road trip-related. Instead of calling out B4, have children search for a dog in a car, a Canadian license plate, or an orange traffic cone to mark off their cards.

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