Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips for Kids

treat-or-treat safety tips

Trick-or-treat is spooky fun for everyone, but follow these trick-or-treat safety tips from our staff here at Bob Sight Kia to make sure everybody gets home okay.

Plan a route

Before you and your little ones head out for a night of collecting candy in costume, look at a map of your neighborhood or the neighborhood you’re going to and plan out where to go ahead of time.

Stay on well-lit streets and have a flashlight

If houses are dark, that typically means they’re not giving out candy, so ideally you shouldn’t be going down dark streets anyway – but just as a precaution, try to stay where there are plenty of street lights and other people, and bring a flashlight.

Avoid hazardous costumes

Long robes and skirts, uncomfortable shoes, masks that decrease visibility, and dark colors that make it hard for others to see you can all pose a hazard while you’re out trick-or-treating.

Be careful of cars

Drivers are still on the road during trick-or-treat, so make sure your little ones follow all traffic laws about crossing the street and looking both ways before they do so.

Check your child’s candy

When you and your kids get home from trick-or-treating, make a point to go through their basket or bag and check for anything without a wrapper or that has been ripped or punctured.

Follow trick-or-treat safety tips to ensure you and your family gets tons of treats without any tricks.